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Fob (Fixed Base Operator) Air Canada Fob (Fixed Base Operator)/ Aircraft Taxi Halifax Airport Transfer

A fixed-base operator (FBO) is an organization granted the right by an airport operate at the airport and provide aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, and similar services.

On Time Flight Taxi Services is an Easy way to book, order, prearranged a Taxi at Halifax Airport YHZ, NS, Canada.

To book a taxi for a local trip, you need to book at least in 2 hours in advance is required. (Local trip approximately one hour or less driving from/to Halifax Airport.

ON TIME FLIGHT TAXI SERVICES offers pick-ups and drop-offs to any FOBs point to any final destinations in NS, NB, PEI.

On Time Flight Taxi Services is certified and insured company provides a prearranged flat rate transfer from and to/From FOB. Or book online (online Reservation)



Halifax Airport YHZ/FOB * cost vary based on final destinations: NS, NB, PEI.

Area To Airport From Airport
Arrivals 300$>1800$ 300$>1800$
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Why Choose Sydney Airport Cab?

  • Granted on time every time
  • 365 days/24h services
  • Online/phone/text reservation
  • Accept all cards debit, Visa, Master Card and American Express, Electronic Invoice
  • Provide receipt
  • Comfort cars
  • Certified drivers
  • Insured cars.
  • All Cab sizes Sedans, SUVs,VANs and Subrbans

How to meet you at Sydney Airport yhz?

Taxi YHZ Airport Cab

1- Get your Luggage

Taxi YHZ Airport Cab

2- Go to Ground Transportation desk and ask for (Taxi YHZ Airport)

Taxi YHZ Airport Cab

3-Meet your Driver at prearranged area

Taxi YHZ Airport Cab

4- Taxi YHZ Airport Car waiting for you

Taxi YHZ Airport

Halifax Airport Limo and Cab Service